3 years

and it all took tons of courage,regert,
pain,anger,will power to talk to him after 3 years. & it felt so much better, all the hate,anger i had for him for breaking my heart for the first time just vanished and all i did was cry. I might cry the whole night tonight , to let all the pain go. Cause the first breakup is the worst breakup n i hated him for 3 years for doing so but for how long could i hate him ?? “we hate only the ones we love”. I know we both can never be together in any universe but all the memories hurt. People change, but memories dont. It was real love, the kind of love i would have done anything for him.Mad , dangerous,reckless love …. but it was the only time i felt love …real love for him. We cant be together, never ever … so im just gonna turnoff the lights , think more clearly about my life, n just cry the whole night. Because love hurts. Its not what you see in movies,fairytales with a happy ending. Real love hurts …. and if it doesnt hurts…. its not love..
– barkha bale