You are mine to keep


3 years

and it all took tons of courage,regert,
pain,anger,will power to talk to him after 3 years. & it felt so much better, all the hate,anger i had for him for breaking my heart for the first time just vanished and all i did was cry. I might cry the whole night tonight , to let all the pain go. Cause the first breakup is the worst breakup n i hated him for 3 years for doing so but for how long could i hate him ?? “we hate only the ones we love”. I know we both can never be together in any universe but all the memories hurt. People change, but memories dont. It was real love, the kind of love i would have done anything for him.Mad , dangerous,reckless love …. but it was the only time i felt love …real love for him. We cant be together, never ever … so im just gonna turnoff the lights , think more clearly about my life, n just cry the whole night. Because love hurts. Its not what you see in movies,fairytales with a happy ending. Real love hurts …. and if it doesnt hurts…. its not love..
– barkha bale

Hearts are often broken by the words left unspoken- (PART 1)

Hearts are often broken by the words left unspoken- (PART 1)

He never said how much he loved her cause he was bad at expressing,
damsel in distress,all she did was she kept waiting,
thinking one day he’ll gather courage and stop messing,

but all he did was grazed her and adored her from distance,
astounded by her beauty,his thoughts faced resistance,
“will she say yes? or No? does she even care abt me n my existence?”
                         -Barkha bale