I can’t feel my face

So the first time i heard THE WEEKEND  was on Ariana grande’s “love me harder” song, and i was like “wow…!! this guy sounds so great”.


The Weekend is fullof sweet melody. The tone of his voice is very clear. Have you seen his Grammy’s performance??? he sounded so great while performing live.
And i’m totally in love with “I can’t feel my face when i’m with you, but i love it”. Clearly it was a big hit. It’s disco-funk song.

But what does I can’t feel my face really means ??  i guess it means when you are so high that you feel numb so that you cant feel anything.  Multiple sources have interpreted the song to be about cocaine.  The way weekend sets himself on fire in the music video… ohh my god.. 


and this dude is seriously on my hairstyle goal. Man look at that hairstyle.Gives me chills.  🙂

#music #pop #Theweekend #hairstylegoals


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